Roof top Solar Work

We have pioneered the process of installation with over 500 roof top solar installation across India. Our installation service has the motto of giving you the best optimal utilization of your solar device, and so engineering team does a thorough analysis on how to best optimize the material in and given environment which will deliver best stability test in accordance to the current standards.

As the name suggests ground solar panels are installed on open property with unblocked sunlight access. These solar panels are fixed on ground with mounts. Mounts have two major distinctions which consist of standard ground mount and pole mount. Standard mounts are installed in a fixed position whereas pole mount has a motorized tracking system which automatically helps the solar panel to adjust its position in accordance to the sun’s position over the course of the day, which means capturing more sunlight and resulting in generating more energy than the standard ground mount panel. Our engineering team is well equipped to get you the best consultation which will help you implement best practice in installation of Ground Based Solar Panels.

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